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Training i guess

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Training i guess Empty Training i guess

Post by Xaverie on Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:46 pm

Xaverie stood in the middle of the field with her eyes closed breathing slowly inward as she visualized the area around her in her mind. Internally music began to play providing the beat and tempo for this morning. She slowly took a step spinning ever so slowly before releasing a set of Kunai into the target which was carved into the tree. She danced to the side and broke the movement stumbling backward throwing her arms downward before bringing them back up as she arched her back opening her eyes towards the sky. Spinning back around she jumped forward landing a mere 2 feet from her previous position. She ran forward listening to her internal beat, her feet changing to match the pace and tempo carrying her body from the inner depths of the field and into the forest.

Leaping up into the trees she quickly swung from branch to branch allowing her fears and anguish to disappear with each stride she made as she much like a monkey moved her way further into the depths of the rich greenery. She grabbed hold of the last branch and swung herself around and around before releasing landing on the ground below in a small clearing slowly retreating back to the dance she was in the midst of. She gracefully spun herself allowing a branch created by her Wood Release to cushion her fall. She smiled gently as she spun around allowing her worries to disappear. She jumped to an end spinning around allowing the music to fade and die away in doing so she too stopped the rotation and laid her back against a tree watching the clouds around her.

She placed her hand to her temple and wiped the sweat away from her brow pulling her hands down to her mouth and gently she blew into them. Holding her hands down at her side as Three Balls of Water Chakra manifested themselves into her hands. She closed her eyes and jumped forward once more picking up the rotation as she spun around. The Balls of Chakra flying off into different directions nailing each tree it impacted with tearing them through to their very core. As Xavierie dropped the rotation and slid down to the ground her knees brought up to her chest her head placed against them her hair covering her head as a cloak. The tree's suddenly broke in the weakened state and crashed down to the ground with a soft thud as the snow cushioned their fall.

Xavierie looked up from her position at the area around her and smiled gently breathing a bit hard at this point. She pushed herself up, she looked into the distance where she had just finished training. Most of trees laid on the floor due to her antics and she felt a bit guilty about destroying the only lush terrain on this mountain. Taking a deep breath she would clap her hands together and concentrating most of her chakra into this one technique. “Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan” When the words left her lips a mere flower would spout up from the ground, but in a few seconds that flower would grow into a lush dense forest, one bigger than what was already on the mountain. “I guess I overdid it….” She thought as she leaned against one of the trees.

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