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Soooooooo is this what you call training?

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Soooooooo is this what you call training? Empty Soooooooo is this what you call training?

Post by Izaya Byakuran on Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:10 pm

The sun shown down on Iwagakure, bathing everything in its light. It was noon and for once Izaya didn't have a mission. For once he was free to enjoy his day, no annoying teammates that would threaten his mission, no spiteful landlords demanding payment from him though his roommate was suppose to be paying this week, and best of all nobody to nag him. The afternoon was going to be perfect. Izaya had already planned out what he was going to do first. Izaya would make his way to the dango stand and pick up some tea and dango before sitting out infront of the shop to enjoy his day. So there he sat, watching the day go by. Taking sips of his green tea, by far his favorite tea as he watched the scene before him. It wasn't anything that special, just people walking by and talking about what Izaya seemed to think was nothing. He took a long sip of his tea before he let his mind drift off, what was everyone else doing while he seemed to have a peaceful day off? Were they on missions? or were they, like him relaxing? Izaya continued to sip his tea as he looked at the people walk by, he couldn't help but feel satisfied. For once he could enjoy his day. He felt himself slowly relax more and more as he watched the people come by. His guard began to fall just as his shoulder fell. Letting a small smile form on his face Izaya threw a dango into his mouth and after eating one he sighed. He felt so relaxed. Then he felt something on his shoulders and nearly jumped when he heard a familiar voice. Turning around he saw a familiar face and felt his good mood go down the drain. It was his fellow sannin, the self righteous madam of Iwagakure. Best known for shopping sprees, the fact that she was here probably meant that she was on a shopping binge. Izaya would never understand why the kage allowed this to happen, though he tended not to think to much into it because it didn't really apply to him. "Your one to talk, so how much of the old man's money did you spend today?" Izaya asked before he noticed her starting to eat his dango. "hey! get your own." Izaya said trying to but failing to block her from taking his tea and dango. Unfortunately he was a bit to slow and she had taken all of his food which caused Izaya's eye to twitch. "Now that you've taken all of my food, what do you want?" Izaya sighed, so Sapphire was taking advantage of the genin again. Izaya doubted that she was actually teaching them anything, unless how to find the best pair of shoes in a bargain bin counted. Izaya sighed as his colleague attempted to make a joke. He ignored it. She knew he was painfully shy, hence one of the reasons he didn't have any students under him. Not many genin have the patience to someone who doesn't speak much, and even less combo well with his.... specialties. Izaya blinked, "You know, I'd be a lot happier to see you if you weren't always eating my food everytime we talk." Izaya would have continued on but then he noticed a genin appear right beside Sapphira. The girl looked at Izaya with wide eye and a open mouth. Taking the piece of paper from her hands, Izaya scribbled on it and passed it back giving the best smile he could muster under that circumstance, which was looked to be a smirk. It was obvious that he just wanted to get it over with, he wasn't the people person Sapphira was and never would be. Once he was done he turned his attention back to Sapphira, "You know, I'm getting tired of you trying to set me up with women... Like over at the coffee shop, when you tried to set me up with that waitress... or before that you tried to set me up with that fashion consultant.. and now a genin, do I really look that lonely?" Izaya said as the girl ran along to do whatever she planned to do with the autograph. It wasn't long until the dango shop owner came out to take orders again. Izaya ordered some more tea and dango. Izaya sighed as Sapphira laughed at him. Truthfully he was use to her poking and interference into his social life. He was use to it for the most part, though he still wasn't fond of her talking in so boisterously. It was true that he didn't talk to a lot of people. There weren't that many people worth talking to. Most would just ramble on about nothing, though he wouldn't say anything. It probably wasn't the most favorable trait for the one who everyone expected to be the next Tsuchikage. Though like Sapphira he didn't want that position, he just wasn't so talkative on the subject. Instead he left and decided to burn some steam training. Though it wasn't as much training as meditation, his clan was for the most part quiet on the subject of their train, but considering they had their own chakra nature that was completely different from all others they merely meditated for control.
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