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The truth behind my eyes. Training

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The truth behind my eyes. Training  Empty The truth behind my eyes. Training

Post by Keita uchiha on Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:36 pm

I stood within the barren desert, just within the borders of the sand village I stood, facing my brother, hood off and cloak open "brother I'm ready...i need to train my body to handle the mangekyo sharingan!"

Itsuke knew the cost of the mangekyo sharingan and felt guilty to keep it from him "well, I can't make any promises.... But I'll try" he said as his sharingan became active "you need to put as much strain on your body as possible....so I want you to exhaust some chakra" he said as he began to concentrate chakra into his arms, his signature fighting enhancement.

As lightning Began to charge around my right hand  my sharingan activated, turning my eyes red and 3 additional,tear shaped (shaped like the symbol for yin) dots surrounded my pupil , slowing down the perception of my surroundings, giving me the ability to predict where the blowing sand would rest. my body lightened and I could feel my muscles strengthen as they became strangely tense. I quite enjoyed the feeling of the Sharingan increasing my ability's, it reminded me of the shear power an uchiha can posses with their superior ocular dojutsu. As the crackle of the lightning, similar to that of a flock of chirping birds, concentrated in my hand and the sound played against my mind I prepared myself for the trials that await. Then it struck the ground.

I raised my hand above my head and drove it into the warm sand beneath my feet as though a 'north paw' (a fighter, usually a boxer, that leads with his weak hand) would send a punch into his opponent with his strong arm, releasing the current as a minor explosive shock into the sand, causing a small crater (around 2 paces wide and 1 deep) and sending a mist of sand into the surrounding area. I closed my eyes to prevent sand getting into them, I then sat an awaited my brothers instructions.

Itsuki spoke loud and with a clear voice "to increase your endurance we are going to spar.... But with 1 condition, you will not, under any circumstances, to de activat your sharingan until we finish the days training, you are to DIE before you de activate your eyes ok?"

I was shocked at the request and the sudden seriousness of what he said. As the sand settled again I awaited for the training to start, symiltainiously Both robes hit the ground and it was all on "Crimson Nails!" I said as a flurry of about fifty flaming shuriken were suddenly in the air flying towards itsuke, followed up by a tremendous 10x10 mitre fire ball.

Of course itsuke was prepared for this as he easily dodged the jutsu and sent back some of his own "fire style, fire dragon jutsu!" And from the flames that spew from his mouth formed a great beast that launched itself at me.

We fought for a full day with only 1 break to drink some water, an now I found myself on the ground, practically paralyzed as my brother panted in front of me "*huff*good job.....you did well *huff huff*" itsuke said as he stumbled towards me varying some chakra tablets.  I lay there as a large spear went into my brothers back and came out his stomach, I screamed "Aaaaaaahhh" as I watched the life fade from my brothers face, with the last of his energy he summoned a small black snake, for some reason it had the sharingan, but it wasn't normal it was his mangekyou, in able to do anything the snake slithered into my mouth and down my throat before disappearing. I closed my eyes and sobbed, when I opened them again I stood up and looked at the direction the spear came from with new eyes, the mangekyo, the village of suna was my new target.

I then strode off, back towards the akatsuki hideout completely unaware that my brother had sealed his eyes inside me, to be unlocked somewhere in the next stage o my life.
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