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Ikaru Clan Empty Ikaru Clan

Post by War Ikaru on Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:12 pm

Name of Clan: Ikaru

Clan History: The Ikaru Clan is a relatively new family. They had split off from the parent family around 250 years ago, after the Ikaru founder managed to create the Elemental Manipulation: Wind. Sadly, this did not go over well with the parent family, causing a family war for 50 years. This war was a very one-sided war, with the Ikaru's proving their dominance with their new creation. The parent family would have been completely wiped of the face of the world, if the Kazekage hadn't intervened. He had declared that the Ikarus were their own, and that he had a job for them. They were to become his personal guard.

With their new found position, the Ikaru family continued the development of their new found technique. They started to develop it into a more defensive power, seeing as they had already proved its offensive capabilities. They had researched this for about another 50 years. Now 100 years ago, they started digging into the Advanced Element: Sand. They had started making breakthroughs with this technique, and manage to make it possible to manipulate it, thus creating Elemental Manipulation Sand. They haven't been able to research anymore elements for the Elemental Manipulation technique since.

Clan Technique/Dojutsu:(This is a similarity to Gaara's manipulation of his sand) Elemental Manipulation: Wind- Allows for control of the Wind.
Elemental Manipulation: Sand- A more advanced version of Elemental Manipulation: Wind

Any Details of Clan Members: Members of the Ikaru Clan have a darker skin complexion, tanned essentially. Their hair is usually longer than most and either White, Black or Red.

Actual Members of The Clan:War Ikaru
War Ikaru
War Ikaru

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Ikaru Clan Empty Re: Ikaru Clan

Post by Sekkusu on Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:29 pm

Ikaru Clan HlGBKt6

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