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Knight clan Empty Knight clan

Post by Minato on Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:42 pm

Name of Clan: Knight

Clan History: Bwing driven away from the Inuzuki clan for a deadly act, the clan leader of the Knights had formed this clan to show how he too could prosper in the art of beast-like Taijutsu. The Inuzuki and the Knights had ben at war with each other in their early days. As this small war raged on, neather side seemed to be completely more powerful than the other. So in the end, they each signed a treaty of cooperation. The two clans of the land of fire who once did battle to prove their strengths are now to work alongside each other.

The leader of the knight clan had 2 sons. One of the sons had become a man and married a wife of his own. This baby, was Haruto Knight. Haruto had grown up to become a great ninja, and his father had decided to finally teach him the Thunderwolf jutsu. This however, meant he would have to attempt to kill his son, or end up being killed himself, since Haruto didn't originally posses the Thunderwolf chakra inside of him. Haruto's father had challenged the boy to a fight, yet the head of the clan, Haruto's grandfather, took the chance to fight Haruto instead, letting Haruto kill him.

Haruto's father would have then been selected as the new clan head, but now, with the Thunderwolf Chakra of his grandfather inside of him, Haruto was instead selected to lead the clan.

Clan Technique/Dojutsu: keino No Jutsu: art of the Thunderwolf. An advanced transformation jutsu Driven from the Inuzuki's Man/Beast transformation. that also crates a shape transformation in the chakra. The user becomes a werewolf replica of themselves, growing in size by about 2 feet. The fur on their body makes them immune to an opponent's lightning style jutsu while dry, but damage to lightning is increased by half if it's original damage when the fur is wet. Lightning style jutsu and Taijutsu the user preforms gain power equal to half it's base power, and the Taijutsu stat of a Knight clan member in this form is increased by 10. In this form, the clan member is gifted with the ability to use the Inuzuki clan Dynamic marking and tunneling Fang techniques. The activation of this transformation can bring about new cababilities in earth and Lightning style jutsu! They can also smell chakra of other ninja in this form like a ninja wolf, even past chakra of their own, pinpointing the largest mass of chakra of a target, thus beating the concept of an enemy's hiding in the mist Jutsu.

Any Details of Clan Members: A Wolf-clawed Scar in their back.

Actual Members of The Clan: Haruto Knight

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