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Keita uchiha (complete, more jutsu will be added later)

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Keita uchiha (complete, more jutsu will be added later)

Post by Keita uchiha on Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:25 am

Name Of Character: Keita uchiha

Description/Picture of your Character: profile picture

My Mangekyo Sharingan: the eternal mangekyo (narupedia for further detail)

Personality: a dark depressed and destructive nature, he can on a RARE occasion be kind, caring friendly ect. Especially towards women. Although he has a soft spot for women he will treat them the same as he would anyone else when they push him over the edge. All that aside he has a calm and collected nature but when he gets mad very few want to be near him, even the Kage used to try avoid him out of fear.

Backround:  I was a simple uchiha boy, train to become a ninja, study, and have fun, I thought my life was a dream, then came my sixth birthday, on that day my family was butchered before my eyes, in the Park in the middle of town I was there, laughing,playing, living with my family and a few close cousins when 3 un-named masked ninja attempted to assassinate a major branch of the uchiha, I watched as adults and children alike were brutalized and killed infront of my eyes, my family may have been renowned throughout the village as one of the most powerful uchiha familys, but we were no match for the 3 Kage leveled ninja without weapons or armor, when the ANBU  stepped in it was too late, out of my father my uncles and 2 of my aunts family's only me my brother itsuke and my cousin saki survived, and that is when I unlocked my sharingan.
6 years later
I soon became bored with school and eased slightly released to have graduated 2 years before I had originally needed to due to my advanced skills. 3 weeks into my life as a ninja I came back from my first C rank mission to an empty house, I was plaiiged with depression for a majority of my life after the ncase my with my family
Not long after my 14th birthday along with my brother I left konaha and joined the aakatsuki to seek revenge on the masked nin that killed my parents with the power of the tailed beasts. still keeping tabs on saki, I looked over her like a guardian angel I watched protecting her from afar as the search for the bijuu with the akatsuki continued.

NOW: I am still in the akatsuki and serve the goal of there cause. But my brother is now dead.

Age: 16 though appears around 18

Rank: Jonin/B Rank Missing Nin

Village: Konahagakure but is a secret a member of the akatsuki


Elements:(so far) lightning, fire, wind, blaze scorch

Ninjutsu: 45+ 5 (uchiha bonus)/500

Genjutsu: 35/500

Taijutsu: 30/ 500

Chakra:  50/500

Jutsu List:

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Keita uchiha
Keita uchiha

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Re: Keita uchiha (complete, more jutsu will be added later)

Post by Kureno Hatak on Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:27 am

I guess I approve, although, I can't say much about having EMS, I'm guessing you got approval.
Kureno Hatak
Kureno Hatak

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Re: Keita uchiha (complete, more jutsu will be added later)

Post by Silver Uchiha on Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:14 pm

This seems too similar to sasuke if you ask me. I'm going to ask what Yarashi thinks about this.
Silver Uchiha
Silver Uchiha

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Re: Keita uchiha (complete, more jutsu will be added later)

Post by Minato on Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:26 pm

You can't start off with EMS or mangekyo, you need to obtain those through rp. as long as you post the sharing an levels as jutsu to be approved, I'm accepting it after the said changes are made.

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Re: Keita uchiha (complete, more jutsu will be added later)

Post by Sekkusu on Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:59 am

Sekkusu's Bio:
Sekkusu's Char Sheet
Sekkusu's Jutsu
Nin: 35
Gen: 30
Tai: 60
Chakras: 100 x 10 = 1,000
Elements: Water, Lightning, Wind | Storm, Magnet


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Re: Keita uchiha (complete, more jutsu will be added later)

Post by Sponsored content

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