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Keita Uchiha Jutsu

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Keita Uchiha Jutsu

Post by Keita uchiha on Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:55 am

Name of Jutsu: fire ball jutsu

Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

Jutsu Element: fire style

Effect of Jutsu:  A powerful jutsu known to be used by uchiha mainly and has also been considered one of their "unique" jutsu due to there adept use of it.
The jutsu creates an immense fire ball of fire 2.5 (Whatever was here beforehand)

Name of Jutsu: crimson nail

Jutsu type: ninjutsu

Jutsu Element: fire style

Effect of Jutsu: with tremendous speed I with draw shiriken so that it is unnoticeable and launch them at the opponent surrounded by fire.

Name of Jutsu: Chidori-Thousand Chirping Birds

Jutsu type: Ninjutsu

Jutsu Element: lightning style

Effect of Jutsu: the chidori is a concentration of lightning into the hand and arm giving it the ability to cut into the body with ease and send an electric pulse throughout the body, this has been known to fell strong (weak anbu an below) men in a single successful blow even cut through steel.

"Chidori!- Thousand Chirping Birds!" Takes 1-3 turns to charge, costs does not have to be used instantly,  (chidori makes contact with opponent) afterwards costs 5 chakra per turn to sustain charge and, a level 1 charge can insta K.O a strong chunin, lvl 2 charge average jonin, lvl 3 charge weak anbu. Chidori charge of 2+ has a 15% recoil. Requires 1 post per charge

Name of Jutsu: lightning clone jutsu

Jutsu type: ninjutsu

Jutsu Element: lightning

Effect of Jutsu: makes lightning clones with physical body (can inflict damage) each clone has 20 percent of my power and once they sustain too much damage they dispel, causing a current of lightning to explode out of them, damaging and possibly paralyzing the person who damaged them.
This jutsu can be used in combo with "chidori". If a clone has been active for 3 turns (Every person person in the thread has posted 3 times since the activation) then it can be substituted for a chidori charge and be dispelled and have the lightning be absorbed.

Name of Jutsu: Absorb, charge

Jutsu type: ninjutsu

Jutsu Element: lightning style

Effect of Jutsu: a jutsu designed to counter lightning attacks, absorbs a lightning style jutsu/attack and doubles the strength of my next lightning style attack,
takes 5 turns before it can be used again

Name of Jutsu: tsukuyomi/ nightmare realms/ true pain

Jutsu type: Genjutsu

Jutsu Element: yin (the element for genjutsu, as stated in the manga)

Effect of Jutsu: requires mangekyo sharingan: I state in a post "I looked into his/her eyes" or something along the lines, this causes instant eye contact, during my next post If eye contact is not broken (eg:- person turns around, averts eyes, something passes infront of either person blocking view.) the victim is plunged into my genjutsu, which I will describe in detail at the time. The basis of the genjutsu is the opponent being suspended in the air, completely immobile/ paralyzed whilst they are tortured, usually being stabbed continuously for 72 hours. (Itatchi style)

Inflicts IMMENSE mental and physical strain on the victim and can cause insanity. Although this jutsu only lasts one turn, it lasts 72 hours in the nightmare realm witch equates to 5 minutes in reality.
This Is extremely difficult to escape, even by someone adept(70 and lower) at genjutsu, especially due to the genjutsu capabilitys of the sharingan, especially the mangekyo.

More jutsu to be added

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Re: Keita Uchiha Jutsu

Post by Sekkusu on Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:42 pm



90 chakra. As long as it hasn't hit a target yet, you do not need to pay an extra 10 chakra to keep it active, after hitting a target, you must pay 10 chakra in each following post to keep it active.



Tsukuyomi = http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Tsukuyomi

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