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War Ikaru  Empty War Ikaru

Post by War Ikaru on Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:31 am

Name Of Character:War Ikaru

Description/Picture of your Character:War Ikaru  Ex0Du2u

Personality: War is a very kind hearted guy, always looking at both sides of a story. He deals with things calmly and with calculated judgments. He would never put his fellow shinobi in danger, and would use himself as a shield if he had too.

Backround:  War was born into a very lucky life. He was not only born into the Main Family, but is the son of the Ikaru Family Head. Even with that said, he didn't live an 'easy' life, nor did it matter to War. At the age of 5, he started training in the family's special training Institution. Unlike the rest of the shinobi of Sunakagakure who go to the Shinobi Academy, the children of the Ikaru family have their own training regiment, seeing as they are the Kazekage's personal guard.

War was put into a training squad with 3 others, Zika, Mina, and his brother and Squad Leader, Haku. For the first 3 years, they were taught their family's techniques and tactics. The first jutsu they were ever taught was the family's first technique, the Elemental Manipulation: Wind. This technique was drilled into them night and day, till either they were deemed unable to use it, or they passed. War's squad was actually the first to finish their training ,out of their generation. Out of their squad, War was the first to master the technique. They continued training both their mind and body, day in and day out. After the 3 years were over, they finally graduated from the institute and were admitted as Genin and were thrown into the rest of the world.

Unlike the rest of the Genin squads, the Ikaru squads never merged into the rest. This meant that War's squad was still the same as it was 3 years ago. Their first mission, like any other Genin squad though, was just a retrieval of a lost cat. Their squad managed to find the cat in no time, and was even complimented on their speed. They continued their missions, one after the other. Eventually, it became time for their next years of training.

War, now 10 years old, and his squad went back to their respected households for family training. This was down because not all of the family members fought the same way, which led to diversity and tactical possibilities. The Main Branch, which War and his brother were sons of the Head, were taught specifically the Elemental Manipulation: Sand. Their father had them pack enough things to last them at least a month. When they had finished packing, they set off towards the desert to start their training They managed to get settled into their spot withing a day, and their father started to instruct them both in the ways of their family's technique. They both trained week after week, day after day, for about 3 months. War, as in his usual fashion, managed to master the technique before his older brother, who just found this to be a normal occurrence by now. A few days later, Haku managed to learn it also allowing them to head back home. Their father was proud of both of them, knowing that his sons could care on their legacy.

War, now 17, had made it all the way to Anbu rank and had became the previous Kazekage's personal guard. War became close to the Kazekage, and was even treated like a son. War felt the Kazekage as a second father, and treated him that way. One day, the Kazekage became deathly ill with a unknown disease. While the Kazekage was laying on his death bead, War was called in specifically. As War entered, he was motioned by his dying friend to come to him. The last words, that could be heard by the Elders and all that were inside the room, by the Kazekage were "You have treated me so well. You helped me and have learned from me. You have watched what I do and when I do it. I believe you have what it takes to watch over our family, your biological and those in arms. I want YOU to succeed my leadership, for you have the power and ability to do so. Lead, for not just me or you, but for our entire village. I believe in you." After that, War's second father passed away, leaving sadness and grieving among the village. Both the Elders and War kept the old man's last words true.

War, know 18, is currently watching over the Village, with his old squad mates as his new personal guards. He has kept the peace and tranquility that he once knew.

Age: 18




Elements: Basic-Wind/Lightning/Earth   Advanced-Sand

Ninjutsu: 45/500

Genjutsu: 30/500

Taijutsu: 100/500

Chakra:  50/500

Jutsu List:

1.Desert Layered Imperial Funeral

2.Desert Suspension

3.Prison Sand Burial

4.Quicksand Waterfall Flow

5.Sand Binding Coffin

6.Sand Binding Prison

7.Sand Bullet

8.Sand Clone

9.Sand Drizzle

10.Sand Sensing

11.Sand Waterfall Funeral

12.Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral

13.Shield of Sand

14.Succesive Shots:Sand Drizzle

15.Body Flicker Technique

16.Wind Release: Stream

17.Wind Realease: Pressure Damage

18.Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist

19.Wind Release: Twister Shot

20.Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm


22.Lightning Cutter

23.Lightning Cutter: Double Lightning Quake

24.Chidori Current

25.Sand Drizzle

26.Third Eye

27.Sand Shuriken

28.Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack:Spear of Shukaku

29.Secret Technique: Elemental Manipulation: Sand

30.Armor of Sand
War Ikaru
War Ikaru

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War Ikaru  Empty Re: War Ikaru

Post by Kureno Hatak on Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:06 pm

I approve.... for now.
Kureno Hatak
Kureno Hatak

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War Ikaru  Empty Re: War Ikaru

Post by Sekkusu on Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:12 pm

War Ikaru  HlGBKt6

Sekkusu's Bio:
Sekkusu's Char Sheet
Sekkusu's Jutsu
Nin: 35
Gen: 30
Tai: 60
Chakras: 100 x 10 = 1,000
Elements: Water, Lightning, Wind | Storm, Magnet

War Ikaru  KhzaNvj

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War Ikaru  Empty Re: War Ikaru

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