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Yarashi Uzumaki Empty Yarashi Uzumaki

Post by Minato on Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:54 pm

(I'll put in the jutsu list later)
Name Of Character: Yarashi Uzumaki

Description/Picture of your Character:  Yarashi Uzumaki ZenryokuAxcelv2-1   with the leaf crest on the headband. The Uzumaki red swirl crest is at the back of the vest in the center.

Personality:  is quite calm most of the time, but fights with the best of his abilities, he will never leave a comrade behind. Yarashi can be quite kind outside of a fight, and prefers not to pick fights with people he sees no reason to fight. He thinks strategically and knows the importance of a bond between friends. This importance of friendship was not always in his mind, however, and that causes it to slip away in do or die situations sometimes.

Backround:  Yarashi was 1 of the 3 rising star Genin from squad 14, alongside Skyla and Haruto, he faced many trials, and it seemed sometimes, like his team mates depended on him a bit too much. It irritated him to need to jump in and save Haruto all the time, and to him at least, Haruto seemed to feel the same way. Skyla had always had a crush on Yarashi, even though he paid no mind to it at first. Try as she might, Skyla could never get Yarashi to feel the same way about her, he was too set on Haruto to feel love.

On their last mission as Genin, squad 14 had to track down a rogue ninja who was said to have information about a hidden scroll, if word of this scroll got out, there was no doubt that someone would find it and use whatever power it held for their own purpose, squad 14 had to find this ninja, and bring him back to the village to be contained. while they had been serching for the rogue ninja, their sensei had been captured by him, adding a new goal to this mission. while Yarashi and the others continued to follow the tracks of the rogue, they had been separated, Haruto in one group, and Skyla and Yarashi in the other. Skyla and Yarashi where then confronted by a bandit  ninja, who used a spiked-chain weapon. The first target was Skyla, who was already beginning to get coiled into the chain. Yarashi jumped in and kicked it away from her as best as he could, "I cant let this guy hurt you, the best we can do for Haruto now is stay alive!", he said. The fight went on for a while, and Yarashi had just about enough of it, "we're running short on time, lets get this over with", he said, and began making the wind dragon hand signs, "Wind Style: Wind Dragon!". the high-presure wind current of a dragon rushed in fast and knocked the bandit down, he wasn't going to be in a well enough position to get back up any time soon, Skyla cheered, and hugged Yarashi, who again, paid no mind to it, "we need to get out of here quick, the longer we wait here the bigger the danger for Haruto", he explained. So Skyla replenished Yarashi's chakra and they went on.

A few hours later, they found Haruto wounded, and another rogue ninja taken hostage by him. Skyla healed Heruto's wounds as he explained to the rest of the team what had happened, and that the rogue he had hostage knew where the leader had their sensei. After some time of following the captured rogue's directions, the 3 of them where ambushed by a large number of rogue ninja. Exited to get the chance to use an old favorite jutsu, Yarashi instructed Haruto to throw an oil bomb out to the rogues, and at the same time, his used his fireball Jutsu on the bomb as it was thrown, creating a blazing explosion. they had found their sensei soon after, who had already freed himself and captured the target. After reporting mission completion, squad 14 was registered for the Chunin exams for their skills.

Part 2: chunin exams - (Yarashi is chunin leveled until the end of this part)

During the written part of the exam, Yarashi caught right on to the test and its answers, as well as understanding the meaning of the exam being to gather information from the other ninja in the room without getting caught, passing without a care in the world. Next was the survival exercise exam in the forest of death. team 14 was given the heaven scroll, and had to get the earth scroll along with it, then head to the tower in the center of the forest to complete the second exam. Yarashi was the one to keep the heaven scroll on their journey. They where soon ambushed by sound ninja and lost their heaven scroll. Yarashi had the clever idea to head for the tower first, and ambush a team that had both scrolls, so that's what they did. The squad soon encountered a team from the hidden mist village with both scrolls, who cleverly targeted Skyla and trapped her. Haruto, however, used this opportunity to replace  Skyla with a transformed illusion, so that he could take the scrolls in all the fuss, securing team 14 the victory on this exam. Yarashi made it to the final round of the final exam, where he tied with Haruto in combat, and the both of them became chunin.

part 3:Rasengan is born - (Jonin leveled)

Yarashi's life as a Chunin was a bit more training than missions, in fact, he tried to create a jutsu with the memory of the coiling chain from his last mission as a Genin, spiraling his chakra in the shape of a sphere , increasing its rotation around 1 point, and eventually, he created what he was aiming for, and called it "Rasengan!". He and Haruto later whent on a mission to intercept a chunin level Assasen from the land of sound. they tracked the target's location all the way to The Final Vally, between the fire and sound borders. So this fight began, Haruto and Yarashi took major damage, till Yarashi ended things with his Rasengan attack. Haruto was amazed by its power and wanted to try to create his own powerful move.

part 4: Terror in the leaf - (Anbu leveled)

When Yarashi became Jonin, his sensei had died. He showed no reaction to it emotionally on the outside, but it seemed to beat him up inside. Skyla was the only one who stuck by him long enough to see this, and at this point, He acknowledged her love for him. Yarashi and Skyla got married after about a month of this. One day, the village was attacked by wolf summonings, Yarashi got curious, he and Skyla investigated the source of the attack while everyone was defending the village. As he expected, the ninja responsible was an Akatski he had herd about, Tokamishi Nara. Yarashi ordered Skyla to keep the rest of the wolves away from the village, a dangerous, high level battle was about to begin.

The battle started with neither Jonin leaving a mark. Miss, after miss, after miss, mostly due to Yarashi avoiding shadow possession Jutsus. The faster ninja would win this fight. After Yarashi realized this, he stepped up his game past his limits, using a Rasengan in each hand, he lunged at the enemy, striking the first one at his chest, sending him flying backwards. Then, Yarashi bolted behind Tokamishi and let him fly into the second Rasengan, creating the Rasen-Drill formation, Yarashi's famous Rasengan attack. Tokamishi got away when Yarashi turned around to check on Skyla, horrified at what had happened, Skyla had been killed by the wolves.

part 5: live and let die ... (ending) -(Kage leveled and up)

Yarashi had learned form his experiences in the past, was he still beat up inside seeing his teacher and comrade die? sure, but that didn't stop him from being him. Every now and then, Yarashi would stop by the Hero memorial, remembering his fallen friends. As the head of the Uzumaki clan, his work never seemed to be done. He felt happy he could keep himself busy.

Age: 36

Rank: Sanin leveled

Village: Hidden Leaf


Elements: Wind, Earth, and fire

Ninjutsu: 60/500

Genjutsu: 50/500

Taijutsu: 80/500

Chakra:  90/500

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Yarashi Uzumaki Empty Re: Yarashi Uzumaki

Post by Silver Uchiha on Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:18 am

I love it Very Happy
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