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Post by Tenzo Uzumaki on Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:22 pm

Name Of Character: Tenzo Uzumaki

Description/Picture of your Character: Tenzo is a very handsome young man who appears to be a twenty five year old man. He has slikly shimmer light red hair about ear lengths the ends in spikey tips. He has a light carmel skin tone. One his face lies his birthmark several streaks of red lines ended red tips that shared an uncanny resemblance to flames that you would see on a race car. Around his neck is a tiny purple necklace with a gold rim shaped to the form of a shield. He has a swimmers body with narrow shoulders with firm and well defined abs tri and bi ceps.His clothing usually tailored creased tan button up with a thin loose seaweed green tie around his neck. He wears badge/brown pants held up up by a double loop white with gold embedded along the middle. His shoes consist of a very shiny black leather dress shoes with thin cotton shoelaces. (Profile Picture)

PersonalityTenzo is a silent type he keeps to himself at all time expect around mature adults. While in battle you may seem very cocky and uptight but he very skilled. His his very intelligent and in a way sophisticated. He is usually quiet happy although he doesnt show it. Subconciously he tends to ponder and questions alot of this making him extremely curious.

BackgroundSeptember 3rd in the village of Konoha to Yarashi and Skyla Uzumaki the heads of the Uzumaki clan. Growing up for the time of birth and the fifth year of life was as normal as any childhood.  It was not until his mother who at the time was defending the village against a pack of summoned wolves died protecting him. Oh yeah not to mention it was his sixth birthday. Something that day change in Tenzo he picked up a learning disability he became slightly physcotic. It was not until two years later came his father and the rest of the clan created a sealing jutsu that once manifested will seal away any aliments but at the cost of a eternal scar.

Well this Is where his scar comes in. His scar is unique one never seen before. It appeared on his face in the form of red flame which stood for tragic death and blood. Shortly after the seal appeared Tenzo had woken up. He appeared to be a normal 8 year old child but something was off he appeared  to be much more intelligent and advanced. In his academic days he excelled both intellectually and physical learning his shadow clone jutsu twice as fast as other kids, and not to mention his chakra was twice that of other kids. This lead to people giving him the nickname ,"Unique One." Since that day he has been progessing quickly following in hos fathers footsteps surely but slowly. His uncle Haruto Knight has helped raise and teach him as well.

Age: 16


Village: Konoha


Elements: Fire and Wind





Jutsu List:
Tenzo Uzumaki
Tenzo Uzumaki

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