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V's Jutsus

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V's Jutsus  Empty V's Jutsus

Post by V on Mon Jan 13, 2014 9:46 pm


Name of Jutsu: Dragon's Vein Technique

Jutsu type: Nin

Jutsu Element: N/A

Effect of Jutsu: Ryuuyo Myaku is a Ninjutsu technique developed by V. After performing the handseals, this technique enlarges or shrinks the size of the eight gates that regulates chakra flow. By enlarging the gates, V is able to attain a much greater chakra control, allowing a completely proficient manipulation and conservation of his chakra levels while performing jutsu, so that he'd only be able to use the minimum possible chakra when executing techniques.
By shrinking the gates, less chakra will be regulated and it'd go wild. More and more chakra would be produced as chakra leaks out of him into his environment, creating a "chakra pressure" that can be felt by those around him. He'd have far lower control over his chakra, but to chakra that leaks out will enhance his body and supplement it in strength, speed, reactions, durability, and stamina. This is much like the Eight Gates, except the overall power-up would be somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd gate, but the consequences would be drastically less severe.
V is able to enlarge and shrink it at any time, and can revert it back to normal.

Name of Jutsu: Meaningless Dodgeball Sear

Jutsu type: Nin

Jutsu Element: Lightning

Effect of Jutsu: V generates a large amount of chakra throughout his body and surrounds himself with it. Then, he shapes the lightning chakra into one hundred, small electric shapes (could be a ball, petal, etc)., floating anywhere around him. He can control any number of these shapes at will, flying and floating around. These shapes will move and buzz around in any fashion V likes, such as to corner and close in on the enemy. They can cut through human flesh and can give a good shock on the body wherever it touches. If all one hundred shapes zaps on the enemy, their body will likely break down from major failure in the nervous system or go into wild spasms.

Name of Jutsu: Three Deaths Swallow

Jutsu type: Taijutsu

Jutsu Element: N/A

Effect of Jutsu: A high-speed attack where V launches three of his fastest sword slashes, with one of them being so fast that it cannot be seen by his enemy's eye. That is the "invisible slash". The key of this attack is that it severely increases the chances of V wounding an enemy. The other two attacks are distractions and are meant to pressure the enemy, even if they hit. To the opponent, there'd only be two slashes, with the third one being unperceived. V can determine which slash will be the invisible slash and can change it around as he pleases.
The weakness to this technique is the fatigue on V's arms once used. With each use considerably slows down the speed of his arms.

Lightning Stream Release (this is basically just flowing chakra through stuff so the chakra cost would obviously depend/vary)
Raiton: Gian
Four Pillar Bind
Hell Stab

Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique
Earth Release: Rock Shelter
Revolving Split Earth Palm
Earth Spear
Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
Earth Moving Care
Aggravated Rock Technique
Light-weight Rock Technique
Mud Wall
Swamp of the Underworld

Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu
Attack Prevention Technique
Summoning Jutsu: Salamanders
Shadow Clone Jutsu

Iron Armour Seal
Five Elements Seal
Contract Seal [Keiyaku Fūin]

Front Lotus
Reverse Lotus
Morning Peacock
Afternoon Tiger

Note ~ Eight Gates;
1st: +20 taijutsu boost, +10 to chakra levels
2nd: +20 Taijutsu boost, +10 to chakra
3rd: +50 Taijutsu boost, +15 chakra
4th: +50 Taijutsu boost, +15 chakra
5th: +50 Taijutsu boost, +15 chakra
6th: +60 Taijutsu boost, +25 chakra
7th: +60 Taijutsu boost, +25 chakra
8th: +90 Taijutsu boost, +25 chakra.

Basic Freebies:
Transformation Jutsu
Substitution Technique
Clone Jutsu
Kai ~ Release
Shunshin no Jutsu
Walking on Surface/Water Method

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V's Jutsus  Empty Re: V's Jutsus

Post by V on Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:51 pm

burp it all out

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