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Village Leaders
Hokage ~ Sliver
Mizukage ~ Available
Kazekage ~ War Ikaru
Raikage ~ Available
Tsuchikage ~ Available
Bijuu Holders
Ichibi ~ Available
Nibi ~ Available
Sanbi ~ Available
Yonbi ~ Available
Gobi ~ Available
Rokubi ~ Available
Shichibi ~ Available
Hachibi ~ Available
Kyuubi ~ Available
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War Ikaru

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Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

Post by Sekkusu on Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:54 am

Before you get started on your char app, it is advised that you ask one of the staff members to test you. After the test, return here for your ranks' other starting statistics.

The number of jutsu you can start with also relies on the length of your history. The following chart will show how many jutsu you can start with.
*Note: Academy Student, Genin, E and D Missing Nin start with 5 Jutsu.

Chunin/C: 10 jutsu
Jonin/B: 15
Anbu/A: 20
Kage/S: 30
Sanin/SS: 40

Starting Stats:
AS/Genin: 75
Chunin: 120
Jonin: 160
Anbu: 195
Kage: 225
Sanin: 280

For more information on the Stat System, click here.

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