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The Man Known as V

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The Man Known as V  Empty The Man Known as V

Post by V on Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:09 pm

Name Of Character: "V"

Description/Picture of your Character:
The Man Known as V  C53a21ac(Imagine him as a little older, with a mustache, and some facial hair around the chin).
V has spiky black hair that covers a bit of his eyelashes, which emphasizes his bright blue eyes when spotted. He has rather long eyebrows. He has a firm, rough, and attractive face with a peach skin coloring. He has a noticeable mustache, not thick but definitely growing to be. He has many specks of hair around his chin area, even if a beard or even a goatee won't be coming out any time soon. It looks like a decent aftershave. His mouth is just about an average-size for someone in their 30s, but it's usually flattened out into a neutral lip-line that gives off a sense of hostility and calm at the same time as V's eyes glares, or curved into a light, sinister smile reminiscient of the devilish. But his face is not important.... or maybe it is to some.
V wears a black ninja outfit. It has a hood, a wide turtleneck, and is made of light leather material. It is garbed with black salamander scales for added protection against attacks. He has arm and shin-guards on him, a thin vest attached to the outfit through two bands of lightweight metal. The vest contains his scrolls. His outfit also consists of a black ninja leggings, with two pouches on each hip, carrying his weaponry, such as kunai, assortment of shurikens, different types of bombs, and battle strings. He wears dark green shoes that firmly fit in with his feet, adept for comfort and speed. At times, he may wear the typical black ninja mouth covering that is stereotypical of the shinobi. V wears a white-shirt within him. V stands at six feet and one inches (he seems rather tall if you look at his legs) and has a rather athletic build, obviously fit for hand to hand combat and has notable muscular physique, accumulated from his extensive Taijutsu training. He has a strong, durable, and well-proportioned body to boast. Attached to his back are his two black steel swords through the bands of metal.
And alas comes the mask. V has crafted a peculiar mask that he often wears. It's a "Borderlands" mask. It's made of a special white ivory and has brown marks all over it. The marks vageuly make out the letter W, although it's a lot more curved. There are stitches on the marks. There are two bright holes (the eyesockets) and in between these holes is a thin frame that projects a bright blue coloring, hence the glowing blue spectral eyes that seems to emanate from the mask. This is in accordance with V's own eye color. The bright spectral eye light emphasizes the menacing symbol behind the mask. For the mouth-piece is a dual fan-like breathing hole. This design distorts V's voice gravely, giving him a very raspy, gruff, and menacing vocal of a powerful pitch. The mask fits well on V's face and covers it up. It's a mask of solid durability. V can see very well inside the mask, despite it having a little more obstruction over his sightline. It does make his field of vision more blue-ish. Still, through the frames between the holes, he can actually see the things within his sight more clearly compared to without the mask. He does not like to wear the mask in combat against an opponent he knows can wound him.
All this combined gives V the appearance of a freakish menace, which isn't exactly the kind of aura he's hoping to give off, but does portray himself to be a hostile assassin. Overall, he looks creepy with the mask on but when unmasked, he doesn't look that bad.
The Man Known as V  Borderlands2

V is a ruthless and resourceful individual. He is not above playing dirty, and he is very daring and to an extent, extreme. He typically employs crafty and cheap tactics, ones often frown upon by people. he may even perform a sneak attack behind someone out of the blue if he has enough evidence to suspect someone of a hefty crime. However, it should be noted that he does have his code of honor; for how he perceives himself no matter how low he goes is important to him. V is a very provocative man, both in provoking and being provoked. He is very hostile; untrustworthy of others and suspicious of those who sneak and slither around, including those of high authority, reputation, and record. He goes by his gut feeling, and when it's strong, he'll express his opinion of others in a cruel way or rage on them. Unless his life would be at risk if he says it. His gut feeling doesn't mean that he doesn't trust someone, for it could also mean that he doesn't like someone. Those whom he doesn't like or trust are often rejected, ignored, or mocked by him in some way. Hinted by his isolated nature, he doesn't open up to anyone outside of his family.

V is stoic, kinda insensitive, and tends to talk and ramble on a lot when he's angered, provoked, or on the verge of killing someone right in front of him. V's distrust of others is reflected in his voice and way of speaking, which gives off a strong provocation to those it's directed to. He's barely patient, and does not like his time wasted when he's busy trying to do something else. He's well aware that there are those who question him on why on earth his name is a mononymous letter. He does not like that. He was given the name early in his childhood, but had grown on it, liked it, and decided to refer himself as "V" from then on. He does not care about his birth name, if he even remembers what it was. And even if he does, he only allows his parents to call him by his real name. Otherwise, the offender would earn V's scorn.

Despite his many shortcomings though, V is very passionate about the ninja war of life and prizes all assassin ninjas. He loves Kumogakure, despite his mixed opinion on those ruling it. He is a battle-hardened, well-seasoned soldier. He likes to take command and take control of the situation strategically and tactically. Although he prefers negotiations over war, he really doesn't care which one is chosen at the end so long as Kumo gets the most benefit, and that choice would most likely end with war. He's a bit cocky, though, and he stresses self-reliance and independence, preferring to do things himself (but not exactly by himself) rather than others taking the lead for him. He does not like to be made out as a coward, but he does have some fears in the world. Heavily driven and a madman intent on murdering all of his enemies, that is the man behind the mask, "V". Dissatisfied with the Raikage's rule, V has become even more hostile and wishes to regain the paradise he once knew.

Born as Kenshiro under the Valkus clan, a clan of elite swordsman that lives in the Land of Lightning. He adopted the code name "V" to protect his identity as the clan kinda works for the government. He started training with a blade at the age of 5. Started kenjutsu training and learned the clan's sword style, which is proclaimed to be one of the strongest sword styles in all of the world. Tutored by his father in Raiton Ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu, and overall how to fight. He has some stealth and assassination training, as his clan believed early education on the true arts of the ninja are the best. He had trained with his katana for several years with the goal to be one of the greatest swordsman in history. His sensei, a foremost Kenjutsu specialist, hammered into him the skill of the legendary Seven Swords Dance that was a signature technique of the reknown Killer Bee, the Eight Tails Jinchuriki of generations ago.
V was a sullen and quiet boy who was friendly towards those who show him friendship. he didn't have any strong motives or ideals, and in fact didn't really had any powerful ideas about being a ninja other than that his parents forced him into it for the sake of the clan. V had some natural talent as he discovered while training and learning jutsus - as he was able to properly utilize several techniques at a young age. He wasn't a genius, though, just someone who's ninja capability was "accelerated".
At this time, he conversed a lot with his father and mother (his mother in particular) about how his day had been and about his "feelings". After some missions and a good amount of skill and jutsus acquired, V went on to the Chunin Exams at the age of 12. He did rather well on the first part of the exam but failed on the Forest of Death when he got his foot stuck on a trap. V was brutally scolded for his incompetence. On his second try, he passed through the Forest of Death, but lost to an opponent on the one on one battles. Now V, under pressure from his family, poured in his full effort into developing his ninjutsu, taijutsu, and kenjutsu prowess. He was able to utilize a B-rank Raiton technique that would be valuable to him on his third try on the Chunin Exams - approaching 14 years old now.
On the fourth exam, V stepped up his A game when he brilliantly used hit and run blitz attacks under a 20-second smoke screen to wound and confuse his enemies. Just when the smoke was about to let up, he set up a clone with its back turned towards the enemy. His enemy, under pressure, immediately attacked the clone, whereas the real V performed a sneak attack on the enemy's attack with his katana, incapicitating him.
On the fourth exam, he faced against another Kenjutsu expert. This, however, was due to V's advantage, because he had superior mastery over the Kenjutsu art. Pulling out his Seven Swords Dance, he quickly overwhelmed the enemy with his unpredictability and stabbed him all over the place. This move earned the admiration and approval of the Raikage who was proctoring the exam.
V was promoted to Chunin.

The handful of friends that he has congratulated him on his rank-up. His family proud that he's no longer a kid shinobi, took him to the biggest festival in the history of Kumogakure - a leisure V has never had the pleasure of. There, he saw thousands of citizens- shinobi and civilians alike, gathered together and having fun in their cultural entertainment. This instilled into V a strong sense of Kumo pride and honor, and, when wondering why people would go to great lengths to protect Kumo, he emphasized with those people at that moment and some of their influence rubbed on V. The desire to protect the village began to sprout; although it was weak, it was V's first motivation as a ninja. V dwelved into more complex and advanced Kenjutsu techniques and styles, but also practiced his swordplay on superior swordsmen in Kumogakure as part of him building experience. He focused a lot on Taijutsu, for he believed that his base stats needed a lot of work. His father had him run a bodybuilding and weightlifting course for about 2 months before V met a wandering Taijutsu master from Konohagakure, living in one of the towns near Kumogakure. Now that he has higher expectations, V cannot afford to fall behind all of the Chunin that graduated a year ago. He seeked power, and that desire for power also created greed inside V. He caught word that the wanderer had access to a secret power that can rival that of the Kage's. Of course, V thought of it as hyperbole at first. When he met the wanderer, named Kisaki Hijura, he found out about the Eight Gates technique. He was swiftly kicked out.
V gave up, but then a war between Kumogakure and Amegakure started. And with the growing power of Amegakure, Kumogakure didn't have much edges. V begged to Kisaki to teach him the Hachimon, for the sake of his village. Kisaki refused to teach him anything, but decided to teach V a lesson that would cripple him for the rest of his life. He gave V the scroll and basic information necessary to unlock the first half of the gates of Hachimon, and then left V to himself. He expected V to fail miserably in trying to master the Hachimon, and that the overwhelming energy would break the bones and fiber in his body, so that he'd never be able to fight as a ninja ever again. Of course, V had an intellect far beyond what Kisaki had known.
Knowing that unlocking all of the body's energy would destroy him, he decided that he would have to build up his endurance and stamina first in order to handle the energy of the Hachimon. He did 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and 1km running. Every. single. day. All in 8 months. Alas, he developed a strong enough body physique to handle the Hachimon. Through a series of exercises, deep meditation, he was able to unlock the first gate, and then the second gate in a week. After use, his body only felt moderately worn. A few days later, he went up to the third gate, which placed great stress on his body. He waited another week for his body to recover, when he unlocked the fourth gate. By using the gated powers for one to two minutes, and leaving days worth of intervals between each use, his body was able to adapt to the power of the Hachimon, and each time his will and determination strengthened.
V entered the war and dominated the battlefield with his refined Kenjutsu and Hachimon-enhanced Taijutsu. He pretty much blitzed every single Ame Chunin that he faced in close quarters combat. On one night raid, when he hadn't fully recovered from broken bones, V was ambushed by a series of Chunin and was nearly killed had it not been for his sensei who saved his life. He was hospitalized for ten days. After he woke up, that near-death experience traumatized V. He began to realize how bad war is, and wondered about things like greed, ambition, evil, sin, and killing. Battle-hardened, V saw how pointless this whole thing was. Amegakure harbored a greater hatred for Kumo than the other way around. That hatred was the main cause of Ame's overwhelming strength at the time. He approached Kisaki again, who was shocked to see V still alive. After telling Kisaki his experience, Kisaki realized that V, who was able to learn and subugate the gates on his own, was worthy of being his successor. Under his guidance, V w/ six gates learned to pump out the Morning Peacock, a super-fast punching attack. After the sixth gate, V had to undergo extreme physical exercises with severe body strain to be able to survive the Seventh gate. When he did unlock the Seventh gate, he had to go through some trials and errors to shoot out the Afternoon Tiger. Finally, what was left was for Kisaki to teach him how to handle the power of the higher-echelon gates for more than a few minutes and how to recover as fast as possible from the side effects. He trained under Kisaki for nearly 5 years to be able to learn the Hachimon. By then the war had ended with Kumogakure's victory.
V, now 20, had mastered the Eight Gates. But on the question of the final and Eighth Gate, Kisaki was unable to tell him how to survive the Death gate. those who use it will inevitably die. He did not know how long it can be used or what immeasurable pain it felt like, but he did see another Hachimon user use it in front of his eyes. Kisaki told V that it felt like he was in the presence of a Jinchuriki. The air was dark and it felt like it strangled him under the chakra-crushing presence. It was a truly a power that surpassed that of a Kage's.
V returned to active mission duty in Kumogakure.
He continued to master Kenjutsu and several styles of Taijutsu when he developed his Dragon's Veins technique, which enabled him to manipulate the gates that regulate chakra flow. With several newfound powers and capabilities, V went on many missions. On his first S-rank mission, which he worked for months to get, V successfully assassinated the fake brother of the Daimyo of the Land of Lightning, who was suspected of trying to kill the Daimyo. He faced an Uchiha, one of the deadliest clans in the history of the Shinobi World. Luckily, V paid attention during his Academy classes. Knowing that the Sharingan had the ability to predict based on perception, he deduced that speed is a factor to bypass that capability. He went all out on the third gate to try to blitz the Uchiha. Although the Uchiha was overwhelmed, it did not stop him from tagging V with his Katon attacks. V decided to use a "lobster cage" method. He threw his katanas infused with raiton chakra overhead, then blindsided him with a flash bomb hidden within his mouth. The katanas came down on the Uchiha, impaling him through the head. V proceeded to assasinate the fake brother.
Upon hearing V's success, he was promoted to Jounin at the age of 25. The Raikage recognized V's value in the village, and inducted him into the Weaponry Corps.
Another war broke out between Kumogakure and another village, and V stepped in as a commander of a Jounin platoon. Having had studied tactical and strategic warfare for awhile plus learning from the mistakes made from the previous war, he kept his men protected and prepped as they carried out their mission. The war lasted for a mere two years as V's supercautionary and very cheap methods enabled his team to complete their missions in the best way possible and without any member dying. During the war, V's personality changed drastically. Unlike the V in the last war, he understood that war was a necessary thing. The world is a competitive survival game, and war is how humans survive and civilizations become greater. Without things like war or hatred, there'd be little competition, little progress, and no one would survive. Hatred is a natural human instinct, and therefore war is a natural human occurrence. To try to suppress this hatred instead of channeling it efficiently is the same as giving up on one's natural humanity. And what would one be if they stop being a human? To V, war is evil, but natural and needed in humans. He accepted what he was doing was right for him and his beloved Kumogakure.
Afterwards, he returned to the village as a war hero. He mastered all of the Kenjutsu styles that he knows, including the clan's secret sword style. He took possession of the Kohaku no Johei, and became a corp leader (remained so for nearly 11 years). In addition, he made a summoning contract with the "Salamanders". He also adopted black steel katanas, said to be the most indestructible steel in the world.
After his little revelation, V donned a mask and dwelved into more underground, underworldly actions. He disappeared for a year to expand his skillset. When he returned, he got a seat within the village's council and watched as the next Raikage took reign. His desire to protect Kumogakure grew stronger. Always suspicious of others, V became a very hostile and perhaps even a cruel man. He was a ruthless ninja who'd say what was on his mind, what he thought about others, and did not like conversing with people who had no business with. He isolated himself, yet his reputation for hostility expanded among the shinobi masses.
That is the man known as V.
Left Kumogakure because he had a falling out with the Raikage who was his old buddy and is now seeking for a time to return.

Age: 36

Rank: Kage-level/S-class Missing Nin

Village: Kumogakure


Elements: Lightning, Earth

Ninjutsu: 60/500

Genjutsu: 20/500

Taijutsu: 90/500

Chakra:  55/500

Jutsu List:
Lightning Stream Release (this is basically just flowing chakra through stuff)
Raiton: Gian
Four Pillar Bind
Hell Stab/The Nukite
Meaningless Dodgeball Sear

Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique
Earth Release: Rock Shelter
Revolving Split Earth Palm
Earth Spear
Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
Earth Moving Care
Aggravated Rock Technique
Light-weight Rock Technique
Mud Wall
Swamp of the Underworld

Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu
Attack Prevention Technique
Dragon's Vein Jutsu
Summoning Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu

Three Deaths Swallow

Iron Armour Seal
Five Elements Seal
Contract Seal [Keiyaku Fūin]

Front Lotus
Reverse Lotus
Morning Peacock
Afternoon Tiger

Styles of Combat:
~ Strong Fist style ~
~Name: Water Streaming Rock Cutting Swallow~
Description: The Valkus clan's sword style. This styles employs a variety of sword techniques, but it's a "tai-chi" variation of Kenjutsu. By holding the guard in a certain way, V employs quick jabs, thrusts, and parries in reaction to another's attack in defense, allowing him to defend in an instant. He'll keep a 3 feet distance between him and his opponent so he can react and manuever through unsuspecting movements. These attacks are moderate in terms of strength, but because of their speed and stopping power, it allows V to defend passively and quickly against all attacks.
Once he creates an opening, V will turn to an offensive, which he launches a fast, strong attack at the opponent, which could be a slash or a stab through the gut.
This is a dual-sword style and versatile in nature. V can switch hands and switch which direction the tip of his blade is pointing in the blink of an eye. The two swords will be for defense and to keep his body clean of enemy attacks. Exercising this style requires super-fast attack speed with the arm and sword.
Iai [Iaido]
Seven Swords Dance

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The Man Known as V  Empty Re: The Man Known as V

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The Man Known as V  Empty Re: The Man Known as V

Post by V on Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:20 pm

*Actually done now*

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The Man Known as V  Empty Re: The Man Known as V

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As far as I can see, I see no reason to disprove it, so have an Approval!
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The Man Known as V  Empty Re: The Man Known as V

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