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Stat and rank rules

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Stat and rank rules Empty Stat and rank rules

Post by Minato on Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:03 pm

first of all, when your character is approved, it will be tested for a ninja rank strength. Your test will not involve combat, so don't worry about making their Jutsu or weapons until testing is over. (more detail will be explained in the testing thread.) The rank strengths you can get will give your character stat points to distribute. We use this system to get a basic idea of what your character can do. ...

These are the stats you can put points in:

Taijutsu: physical skills of the ninja, such as physical speed, strength, and physical handling of strain to the body. The jutsu type of taijutsu will not be used in the RP unless it requires the use of chakra, like the Lotus techniques. (Hyuga will have an extra 5 points in this field before they distribute!) (Uzumaki will have half the effectivnes of the level of this field ..)

Ninjutsu: the skill level of your ninjutsu and other jutsu of the sort. This skill determines the number of chakra natures you can have as well. if this level is 14 or under, you are only aloud to have 1 original chakra nature, at 15, you can have 2 original chakra natures. (you can only start getting an advanced chakra nature at ninjutsu level 20, and your character can not start with an advanced chakra nature unless they are chunin or higher skill level. otherwise, you can let a blue or red mod decide if you have trained enough to use an advanced nature.) at level 32, you can start using 3 original chakra natures and 2 advanced chakra natures. (you are not required to be in a clan to get an advanced chakra nature in this rp!) (Uchiha will already have 5 points in this field before they distribute!"

Genjutsu: The basic idea of your Genjutsu skill level, to give us an idea what genjutsu might be harder for you to learn or how hard it will be to escape your genjutsu without aid of a jutsu. (this field is only half as effective for Hyuga members)

Chakra level: multiply this number by 10 for your max chakra. (Uzumaki will have an extra 100 max chakra!)
Enhancement: the level of this field will determine how much your stats will increase with jutsu that boost them, they can increase up to the amount of points you put in this field (depending on the jutsu's rank.) The mavimum points a genin can put into this field is 5, chunin can place up to 10, Jonin can place a maximum of 20 points here, Super Jonin can place up to 25, Anbu can place up to 30, Kage/Senin level don't have a limmet for this field. (Uchiha can only boost their stats with half of the points in this field, rounding up) (Chakra stat can not be boosted by this field)

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