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Kureno Hatak  Empty Kureno Hatak

Post by Kureno Hatak on Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:37 pm

Name Of Character: Kureno

Description/Picture of your Character:

He is 6'1, and weighs about 130 pound, all of it muscle, from living off of fruit, and seeds. He wears the Akatsukis uniform, with his staff sheathed over his cloak on his back.  His eyes are pure white, nothing in them, as years passed, anything in his eys left, and gave him a blank stare.

Personality:  Kureno is a stern man, at least for how young he is, and is often thought of as rude.  He's not rude, he's very weary, and is often in charge so that he can control what happens, even without his vison. This is to say, When with 'friends', he is a bit more lax, and happy, near strangers, he is stern and mean.

Backround:  Kureno was birthed into the Hatak family, given the name Kureno at birth by his mother. He was blind at birth, therefore, not really wanted, but, they kept him anyway. When he was old enough to talk, which was about 1 for him. After about 3 years, although blind, he told his mother, “I want to be a Ninja, no matter what it takes!”

His father then said, “A-Are you sure, You're blind.”

Kureno responded, “Yes. Yes I am, I want to be a Ninja, I don't care what it takes!”

His father then said, “Fine, I'll train you to a point, then you must learn on your own.”

His father took his hand and led him to the training arena, and said, “Look, If you are to be a ninja, you need to be able to hear the softest sounds.”  His father aimed a punch, and while he heard the air being broke by the punch, he hadn't the reflexes to dodge it. So, he went down, and then got up again, and this repeated for at least 2 weeks before he learned and got the reflexes to dodge the punch.

He then we given a staff, and two days to get the feel for it, and while it did take a few more then 2 days, he got used to it, and managed to be able to use it decently. His father challenged him to a fight, and at this point, he couldn't really win, since he was 5, and was no child prodigy.  He didn't beat his father, rather, he got his ass kicked by his father.

He smiled as he got up from the beating that had  occurred, and said, “I shall beat you 1 day father, I swear it.”

After about 5 years, he finnaly got to the point, where he could beat his father, and managed to beat his dad. His training continued for 6 years, his father never entering him into the Academy, and by the time he was skilled enough to do so, he was too old. He left his family short after, having only the clothes on his back and a basket of food to go through life with. After the Basket of food was eaten, he managed to collect and learn the forest around the village.

After about 5 more years, at 15, he was at least at the level of  a Jonin, and sensed someone coming at him by the sound of their speed, and managed to block the axe right behind the blade with his staff.

“Who are you?” He asked the mysterious person

“I am... Sekkusu Neikido” She said, pushing down on the staff.

Kureno managed to keep her strength at bay and said, “I am Kureno, Kureno Hatak.” He pushed her away, then turned to her and became ready to fight. He managed to keep out of her range, but could not get into his own range, which was rough for him.

She flipped the axe around, and almost managed to cut him, but he got out of the way. He managed to hit her in the side with his staff, which made her lose her breath for a second. She then managed to spin and cut his shoulder. He put his hand to his shoulder, and hid away the pain. He then went on parrying the blade with his left hand,  with his staff to the side, and as his back got to the wall, he allowed her to slice at him, and he dodged it, the tree falling down shortly after.

He whiped the sweat off his brow, and said, “I can't even see what you look like, I am blind. This is no Dojutsu.” He dodged another slice, and managed to kick her hand. That managed to get her off her attack for a second, and he managed to kick her in the gut, and run over to his staff, and grab it.

“I know what it looks like, but, I am truly blind, I've just adapted to the world around me, and learned how to calculate distance.” He grabbed it and rolled just in time so his body didn't get chopped in half. He then managed to hit her in the shoulders, right above the axe, and said, “Let this end in a draw, and let us form a team, as I don't wish to go back to my village, and, you are a missing Nin.”

Afte awhile, He became the leader of the Akatsuki, and that's where he is today.

Age: 21

Rank: S

Village:Used to be leaf, but is know a missing Nin


Elements: Fire, water, lightning, earth, wind.

Ninjutsu: 50/500

Genjutsu: 15/500

Taijutsu: 150/500

Chakra:  10/500

Jutsu List:

Kureno Hatak
Kureno Hatak

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Kureno Hatak  Empty Re: Kureno Hatak

Post by Minato on Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:33 am

The character part is ...

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